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HMS GPR 120 tiesus kaklelis

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HMS GPR 120 straight neck

GP 120cm HMS is a straight neck for star clamps. To ensure a firm and comfortable grip, its gripping part is carefully knurled. The set includes two screw terminals. Clamps of this type guarantee a stable weight position on the neck during exercise. The nuts in the inner part have rubber gaskets to prevent load loosening. Part of the neck is threaded, which allows quick and safe load placement. The device is made of a full steel rod that has undergone a hardening process. The neck diameter of 30 millimeters ensures high strength and comfort of exercise. The applied process of neck chromium plating is a guarantee of maintaining its appearance for a very long period of use, it also provides the best protection against rust.


  • material: hardened steel
  • grip part finish: knurled
  • corrosion protection: chrome
  • terminals: star
  • number of clamps: 2 pieces
  • dimensions: weight: 6,75kg; diameter: 30mm
  • gripping dimensions: gripping length: 81cm; gripping diameter: 30mm
  • part length for loads: 2x 18.5cm
  • width of the sleeve blocking the load: 2x 1 cm
  • maximum load: 100kg
  • width of the sleeve blocking the load: 1 cm


  • certificates, norms; CE
  • 24 months warranty
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