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HMS Kiborgų mokymas Atlas 1

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CYBORG 1 HMS - is a professional device for exercising at home. Its characteristic feature is the possibility of using Olympic or ordinary cymbals and the type of load used, the so-called free weight.
> The product also has height adjustable barbell position. Another advantage of the HMS atlas is the option of folding the bench, thanks to which the equipment takes up less space.
This is not all! The device offers the possibility of changing the position of the arms. CYBORG 1 ensures safe exercise of various muscle groups - just like in a professional gym. The bench has been adapted for exercises with or without a prayer book.
The Atlas is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee high stability and safety of use. Cyborg has a comfortable seat with 4-step adjustment.
Comfort is guaranteed by a durable sponge and modern upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern and increased durability. Thanks to this, training becomes a pleasure.
the bait allows shaping all muscle groups: the widest spine, thoracic, trapezoidal, postural, buttocks, forearms, shoulder, triceps and legs.
ATTENTION: the atlas does not contain the neck and loads



length: 222 cm
width: 157 cm
height: 206 cm

Seat dimensions:

length: 30.5 cm
width: 36.5 cm

Back dimensions:

height: 88 cm
width: 32 cm

Maximum product load: 150 kg
Permissible loads:

for stands: 150 kg
for leg press: 45 kg
for the prayer book: 60 kg
for rod and arms: 90 kg

Product weight: 69 kg
Maximum user weight: 135 kg



bench press sitting
bench press
device for exercising leg muscles
upper lift
prayer book

A set of exercises is included with the product

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