LENTELĖ PILATES HMS TP01 BLACK 1,2 x 150 x 1800 MM 17-34-020, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis,

LENTELĖ PILATES HMS TP01 BLACK 1,2 x 150 x 1800 MM 17-34-020

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TAPE PILATES HMS TP01 BLACK 1.2 x 150 x 1800 MM 17-34-020

  • TP01 HMS is a training rubber that provides many opportunities for effective training of the upper and lower muscles of the body. The main advantage of the product is its durability. It is guaranteed by the high quality of materials used in production.

  • Working with rubbers is a form of training willingly used in fitness clubs and recommended by personal trainers. TP01 HMS are used for general development and rehabilitation exercises. The product is also an ideal addition to aerobic training. Regular use of gums improves the condition, increases joint flexibility and helps burn unnecessary fat.

  • The small size combined with their universality make it an ideal device for home use. A small space is enough to use them to perform any set of exercises. They will also be appreciated by those looking for a device that will help them to warm up quickly before the proper training.



    length: 1800 mm
    width: 150 mm
    thickness: 1.2 mm

    Load range: 25 kg
    Black colour
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