Nuožulnus žingsniamatis su reguliuojamomis rankomis HMS S3096, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis,

Nuožulnus žingsniamatis su reguliuojamomis rankomis HMS S3096

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S3096 HMS - oblique stepper. Its biggest advantage are movable rods whose height and resistance can be freely adjusted to the user's needs. Training on the stepper S3096 is performed in an oblique plane, i.e. from the inside to the outside.

Model S3096 HMS has a clear display through which we can track the results of our training. One glance - you don't have to stop exercising to check the number of repetitions, calories burned or time. In turn, solid metal frames and a non-slip foot surface ensure stability and safety during training.

Regular exercise on the stepper will accelerate fat burning on the thighs, hips and around the waist. The workout will strengthen the muscles of the iliac girdle, thighs (mainly quadriceps and biceps), lower leg muscles, buttocks and abdominal muscles. Thanks to the attached links, using the S3096 HMS stepper, in addition to leg work, you can also involve your arm and forearm muscles.

Stepper exercises are recommended for everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness. It is effective and quick fat burning while strengthening muscles and improving overall condition.


A device for exercising leg muscles, buttocks and upper body parts
Computer Features:

step counter
number of repetitions per minute
calories burned


Product dimensions:

length: 41.5 cm
width: 46 cm
height: 22 cm
pedal length: 33 cm
length of non-slip surface: 31.5 cm
pedal width: 12.5 cm
pedal spacing: 20 cm
step height: 18 cm

Two rods with adjustable height and resistance function: 102 - 138 cm
Two exercise expanders
Expander dimensions:

lines length: 92 cm
handle width: 11 cm

A computer with an LCD screen
Two hydraulic cylinders
Maximum product load: 100 kg
Weight: 9.5 kg


24 months warranty

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