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EcoWellness QM 128 pėdų masažo volelis

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EcoWellness QM 128 foot massage roller

The roller is designed to compress trigger points located in the feet and in the hands. Massage with this roller allows you to get rid of ailments related to overload, degeneration or stress. Made of non-toxic materials that are safe for the user and the environment. The color scheme refers to the colors of nature, and the EcoWellness brand selection emphasizes the user's care for the environment.


  • high quality materials and attractive colors,
  • simple to use and effective in the treatment of pain and overload,
  • small size facilitates storage,
  • made of EVA plastic
  • the middle part with irregular foam tabs ensuring adequate pressure on the massaged part of the body,
  • perfectly massages deep muscles,
  • total length of the product: 16.5 cm,
  • length of the massaging part: 11.5 cm
  • used for massage by pressing the trigger points of the feet and hands,
  • helps to deal with health and stress ailments,
  • fights overloading of hands, feet and calves,
  • the materials used and the packaging method help to protect the environment

Additional information:

  • Warranty: 12 months,
  • Product for home use.


  • EVA material


  • green

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