Jogos kilimėlis RAYG-11030GN, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis,

Jogos kilimėlis RAYG-11030GN

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Reversible Yoga Mat POLISH EMERALD RAYG-11030GN is an excellent choice for people practicing yoga and fitness exercises. It is equipped with a practical strap for carrying the rolled up mat.


High-quality double-sided yoga and fitness mat
The dimensions of the mat 173 x 61 cm, thickness 4mm
The set includes a special strap that makes it easier to carry the rolled up mat


12-month warranty
Product for home use

REEBOK IS HARD FITNESS. Reebok represents its individual and innovative approach to fitness - it is a fitness that is unrestrained, optimistic, bold and exceeding all accepted standards. The attitude promoted by Reebok is: "I am not afraid of additional pain, I will not back down from the challenge, I will work hard because I believe in myself."

Reebok is a tough fitness routine that goes beyond physical fitness and also drives towards social and mental well-being.

Reebok is never satisfied with the status quo, and therefore applies the idea of hard fitness to its business initiatives as well. This means constantly looking for new solutions to support enthusiasts with innovation, who are testing the limits of the traditional concept of efficiency themselves. The result of these searches are reliable, innovative and top-class training equipment and accessories of above-average quality.

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