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BB 015 stabilizavimo diskas

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BB 015 stabilizing disc

A disk with a diameter of 33 cm designed to strengthen the entire body and to exercise balance. Made of the highest quality rubber.


The stabilizing disk is a pumped disk for fitness and massage
The disk is designed to strengthen many muscle groups and to exercise balance
Made of the highest quality rubber
The special surface means that the body stays on disk all the time
Blue color
Disk diameter: 33 cm


The disk is recommended for equivalent training, improving joint stability, correction of posture defects, meditation, improving concentration
Standing on the disk, we improve blood circulation and stimulate reflexogenic zones
The special structure of the disk causes an effect on foot receptors and signals from receptors located on the feet reach the sensomotor system, which is responsible for balance and orientation in space
The disk affects large muscle groups of the upper and lower body and the supporting stabilizing muscles
Sitting on the disk, we automatically assume the correct position of the body, in which the uniform pressure on the intervertebral discs of the spine decreases
On the disk, we can also sit or rest our hands on it while doing push-ups, and its continuous work will involve additional muscle parts
Using a stabilizing disk, we will shape the abdomen and waistline, keep a slim figure and relax. The instruction manual contains examples of exercises for balance, improving muscle strength as well as strengthening the spine and improving body flexibility.

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