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HMS LS3859 barbell bench

LS3859 HMS is a bench designed for training with a barbell. Its characteristic feature is the possibility of any configuration. The kit includes two independent elements: a bench and a barbell rack. Another advantage of the HMS product is the comfortable seat with 6-way adjustment. It allows you to adjust the most convenient position for exercise. The bench also offers the possibility of training with barbell racks. LS3859 has height adjustment for barbells. The device has been adapted for exercises with or without a prayer book. The bench was made of the highest quality materials that ensure high stability and safety of use. Comfort is guaranteed by a durable sponge and a modern upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern and increased durability. The device provides a wide range of opportunities to work on the lower and upper parts of the body, and thus diversify the training. HMS equipment allows you to exercise the muscles of the chest, arms, forearm, legs and thighs.

ATTENTION: the bench does not contain the neck and loads


  • dimensions (unfolded): length: 164 cm, width: 110 cm, height: 165 cm
  • maximum product load: 270 kg
  • Permissible loads: on the barbell support: 135 kg, for the leg press: 45 kg
  • Product weight: 40.50 kg
  • maximum user weight: 135 kg
  • a set of exercises is included with the product


  • massive, stable steel construction
  • lined seat, covered with eco-leather
  • Exercises: bench press, bench press, bench leg exercise device (front and back thigh muscles), biceps prayer book
  • prayer book adjustment: 3 steps, jump: 1cm
  • height adjustable racks:
  • number of levels: 8 cm
  • stroke: 7 cm
  • range: 102 ÷ 151 cm


  • not intended for commercial use
    warranty: 24 months
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