Dviračio šalmas Meteor KS06 Happy monsters Jr. 24834, Šalmai, Dviračiai, paspirtukai, riedučiai, riedlentės, Meteor

Dviračio šalmas Meteor KS06 Happy monsters Jr. 24834

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CHILDREN'S BIKE HELMET METEOR KS06 XS 44-48 cm happy monsters


  • Helmet designed for the youngest users. Its multifunctionality makes it ideal for a bicycle, rollerblades, roller skates or a skateboard. It provides the child with comfort also when it travels in a child seat on your bicycle.

  • Made of high-quality materials, it guarantees comfort and safety. The front of the helmet has a slightly profiled visor that protects the mouth from injuries that may arise during a fall, wind and sun, and most importantly, it does not limit the field of view. The rounded and strongly built-up rear wall of the helmet protects the particularly sensitive occipital part of the child's head.

  • Another advantage of our product is its lightness, thanks to which the helmet does not burden the child's delicate cervical vertebrae.

  • Bearing in mind the fact that the child's head grows quickly, the helmet has a circumference adjustment, which is made with a smoothly adjustable, multi-stage ring (FIT SIZE-headlock system). Thanks to this, the helmet can be easily adjusted to any head shape and size. Additionally, inside the helmet there are removable lining elements that can be washed and dried many times.

  • This model is equipped with six holes ensuring constant air supply to the inside of the helmet - the AIR FLOW system. Ventilation protects the scalp from excessive sweating, increasing the comfort of a little traveler.

  • Pastel colors and fairy-tale patterns will make the child happy to put our product on his head.

  • Your child will be delighted!

Technical data:

    • Model: teddy builder
    • Aerodynamic shape
    • Outer shell material: PVC
    • Absorbing material inside: EPS
    • Certi fi cate - the product complies with the requirements of Directive 89/686 / EEC and the standard EN 1078
    • Helmet dimensions: 44-48cm
    • Weight: 164g

AIR FLOW system - the ventilation system guides the air flow through the holes in the helmet shell without affecting its stability


    • QUICK-RELEASE system - quick fastening buckles
    • FIT SIZE system - headlock multi-stage ring for smooth circuit adjustment
    • Internal pads ensure comfort of use while driving and the proper fit of the helmet to the shape of the head.
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