Vidaus rankinio bateliai Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo Mid M X1GA200563, Rankinio apranga vyrams, Rankinio apranga, Mizuno

Vidaus rankinio bateliai Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo Mid M X1GA200563

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  • Top-class indoor handball shoes with best-in-class comfort, stability and energy return for higher jumps and top court performance.
  • Designed for the best handball players who need strong shoes with very good stability and great shock absorption.

  • Technologies:

      • Mizuno Wave - a unique technology developed and patented by Mizuno. It combines two functions necessary for running: shock absorption and stabilization. The specially designed, light and compact Wave plate disperses the forces of an impact over a larger surface area, providing excellent shock absorption. The Wave technology also solves the issue of foot stabilization by differentiating the structure of the outer and inner part of the shoe, thanks to which it prevents compression of the midsole in the places of greatest pressure. The use of the Mizuno Wave plate guarantees an express response and increases the performance of the shoes.

      • Mizuno Enerzy - a midsole material that provides excellent softness and rebound, and is also very durable.

      • DynamotionFit - The DynamotionFit system uses advanced principles of biomechanics to capture the individual rules of the user's movement. Thanks to this, Mizuno products cooperate with the user to the fullest extent possible.

      • Mizuno Intercool - A unique ventilation system located along the entire length of the midsole, reducing heat and moisture accumulated inside the shoe.

      • Dynamotion Groove - Dynamotion Groove technology on the sole provides great grip, especially for sideways movements.

      • Removable Insock - Anatomically formed insoles for added comfort and shock absorption.

      • Dura Shield - Protects the toes and increases the durability of the shoe

      • ap + - The added components in the linings of Mizuno shoes provide an amazing feeling while running. A durable sole increases cushioning and ensures better durability.

      • KURA LINER - A more soft and durable heel counter, which increases the comfort of players using ankle protectors and all kinds of stabilizers. Seamless interior and a new, woven upper for the highest comfort. Equipped with the latest, innovative Mizuno Enerzy technology ensuring high energy return, for better agility and higher reflection.

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