Rollerblade Twister XT &3922 072210001A1 laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, Rollerblade

Rollerblade Twister XT &3922 072210001A1 laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai

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Rollerblade Twister XT '22 freestyle skates


  • The inline skates are designed for comfort and stability on city streets.
  • These skates have a completely new design with a modified, slightly lighter shell and insert size to ensure a proper fit.
  • Equipped with: Performance Skate Insole Plus, which improves the skater's posture and ride thanks to improved cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable.
  • Closure system with locking cuff buckle, 45-degree adjustable buckle and laces.
  • The 80mm Hydrogen Specter wheels are paired with ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings for excellent traction and speed for advanced maneuverability.
  • Rollerblade Twister Edge shell - a completely new, reinforced structure, equipped with ventilation holes on the sole, equipped with a side slider.
  • Liner High Performance Liner Liner Specially designed for urban riding, high performance liner, proven and used also in many other models. A characteristic feature of this shoe is very high comfort of use, thanks to the use of a special material that adapts to the shape of the foot while driving. Provides comfort and perfect foot support.
  • New Extruded Alu Alu skid / aluminum skid. New Extruded Alu, milled aluminum skid in SSM standard.
  • Hydrogen Wheels Made of high quality, durable and light milled aluminum. Offers excellent traction thanks to a low center of gravity. It is the perfect skid for every freestyler
  • Bearings: ILQ 9 The designation of ILQ bearings was initiated by TWINCAM. A characteristic feature of these bearings is the use of larger balls, which reduces their number to 6. Thanks to this treatment, the bearings became more durable due to the increased diameter of the balls and reduced resistance. The level of performance of individual bearings is described by the accompanying figure (the larger the number, the more advanced the bearing).


Purpose Freestyle / Freeride / Slalom

New Extruded Alu skid (max 4x80mm), 243mm 23-28.5, 255mm29-31.5, racing axles

Wheel size 80mm. Wheel hardness 85A

608 standart bearings, ILQ 9

Lacing system Shoelaces Type |

Boot shell Hardboot, Rollerblade Twister Edge, Kompozyt

FLiner High Performance liner

Brake Included

Top clasp Buckle 45 degree clasp Buckle

8mm axles

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