Laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai Seba Trix 2 WT SSK-TRX2W, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, SEBA

Laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai Seba Trix 2 WT SSK-TRX2W

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Freestyle skates Seba Trix 2 WT


  • Women's Seba Trix 2 skates designed for fitness skating
  • They have been specially designed for women's feet, perfectly matched to ensure comfort and safety
  • Thanks to Street King wheels with a diameter of 80mm and a hardness of 85A, you get excellent grip to the ground
  • These are skates from the Grand Tourism series, designed for urban skating, fitness and freestyle
  • The skates are equipped with the Seba X2R frame, which offers a unique chance to ride with both flat and mild rockered settings
  • The flat setting provides stability at higher speeds, while the mild rockered offers good maneuverability and a short turning radius - often sought by slalom racers

Boot: It is made of plastic, not carbon. This is exactly the same base on which models such as Seba High or High Light are based. The hem of the shoe is identical to what we know from Trix and is made of a resistant material with high stiffness. The skates have a patch sewn on the side of the shoe, which is designed to protect this place from abrasion.

Fastening: The lacing perfectly holds the foot and allows you to tie the skates up to the very top of the upper. As befits a slalom model, the shoe has an additional velcro on the toes, improving the grip of the foot in the front part. The buckle with micrometric adjustment eliminates the remnants of any slack remaining after lacing the shoe and additionally stiffens the roller in the heel area.

The upper is fastened with a strong Velcro. Frame: X2R Model X2R - the cheapest frame used in Seba and FR Skates skates. It is made of die-cast aluminum and although it is not a high-end equipment, it is strong enough for slalom riding and even jumping or doing a slide. In addition, it has a very useful trick up its sleeve: the possibility of rockering the outer wheels. You can set a "banana" in your skates without having to replace the wheels with smaller ones.

The frame is 243 mm long regardless of shoe size

Padding The padding made of comfortable foams is anatomically shaped to immobilize the heel and ensure the best fit to the foot

Outsole: Plastic Reinforced with metal plates (7 holes) in the places where the rail is mounted

Wheels: Street Kings A decent starting option Bearings: ABEC7 They have much lower rolling resistance.


  • Freeskate/Powerblading, Freestyle Slalom,
  • X2R skid.
  • Length 243mm
  • Wheel size 80mm Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC7
  • Lacing system Laces Type |
  • Semi-soft boot shell. Plastic
  • Liner (inner sock)
  • Integrated Brake None
  • Upper fastening Velcro Fastening 45 degrees Buckle
  • 8mm axles
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