Laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai SEBA FR Spin M SKKFRSPIN-BK, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, SEBA

Laisvojo stiliaus riedučiai SEBA FR Spin M SKKFRSPIN-BK

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  • Freestyle FR Spin Skates These skates are recommended for people who mainly practice freestyle slalom, freeride and skaters who prefer free riding around the city.
  • The skates have a slightly lower cuff, which provides greater freedom of the skates to work, which consequently extends the possibilities of faster skating or performing more free maneuvers.
  • Boot: Shell made of carbon and glass fibers. It has been made in such a way as to best fit the anatomy of the user, literally immobilizing the foot inside. After correctly tying and fastening these skates, we get a degree of control and precision in translating movements that is in no way inferior to more expensive models. Under the foot, there is an insert that supports the arch of the foot, making the ride more comfortable, and the transfer of pushing energy to the wheels more efficient. The shoe is trimmed with a durable material, and the points that wear out the fastest, i.e. the sides (outside) and the tip, are additionally protected with abrasion-resistant plastic covers.
  • Fasteners: Top buckle, 45 buckle, Velcro, lacing. maneuverability). The rails have transverse mounting holes for the purpose of positioning them under each other - transverse adjustment.
  • Lining, liner: Seba FR Comfortable, anatomically shaped liner
  • Outer sole: Plastic. Hard and durable
  • Wheels: DOWNTOWN Wheels with very high grip to the ground, ensure high stability in turns.
  • Bearings: Seba MW9 Titalium Freeride Bearing designed for freeride and urban skating - fast and durable. Now you can perform tricks without fear of whether the bearings will withstand another jump ...


  • Purpose Freeskate / Powerblading, Freestyle Slalom
  • Aluminum 6000 skid. 165 mm rail assembly.
  • Size: 35-40: blade length 231mm, wheels 76mm. Size: 41-45: runner length 243mm,
  • 80mm wheels. Wheel size 76mm or 80mm. Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, MW9 Freeride
  • Shoelaces binding system
  • Type | High Performance shoe shell, Carbon and glass fiber
  • Liner (inner sock)
  • Integrated Brake Included
  • Top clasp Buckle 45 degree clasp Buckle
  • 8mm axles
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