Smj Sport Urban MZS507 HS-TNK-000008671 riedučiai, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, SMJ Sport

Smj Sport Urban MZS507 HS-TNK-000008671 riedučiai

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SMJ Sport


  • Where you push the boundaries, the real fun begins! SMJ Sport URBAN MZS507 skates are equipment that can stand on one shelf with brands chosen by professional skaters! Incredibly maneuverable, perfect for freestyle, freeriding, slalom, as well as city riding in the most inaccessible places and unfavorable conditions.

  • Feel the speed you love with near-top-of-the-line ABEC-9 bearings designed for top models from many brands. They ensure smoothness, durability, as well as the right driving speed, guarantee good rolling of the wheels without unnecessary resistance. They are also much more durable than the standard ones. In combination with large, abrasion-resistant 80x22 mm wheels, they will make every point of the metropolis within your reach, and the city will become one huge skatepark! Our designers took care not only of the exceptional performance of this model. Equally much attention was paid to ensuring driving comfort, maximum stability and safety.

  • SMJ Sport URBAN MZS507 are very well ventilated thanks to the holes in the sole, and all vibrations that may cause micro-injuries to the skater are damped by a silicone cushion located in the heel area. JMSs are very flexible in terms of adapting to the foot. This is facilitated by the lacing system combined with a micro-adjustment buckle and the ability to adjust the angle of the shoe so that the ankle and Achilles tendon are not exposed to abrasions or overload. Thanks to this, they stabilize the foot well, ensuring its support in long slalom. In addition, special side sliders provide protection in the event of falls. At the end of the ride, the shoe can be removed from the shell, thanks to which it cools down quickly, and the antimicrobial coolmax insole allows you to maintain optimal hygiene.

    • MZS507 skates are designed for urban skating, freestyle, freeriding, slalom
    • Rigid, raised skeleton provides perfect protection while driving.
    • Coolmax insert, antibacterial, with a silicone cushion to reduce vibrations.
    • Ventilation holes in the sole.
    • Removable liner
    • Side slider - increases resistance to damage.
    • CNC aluminum skid.
    • PU wheels, hardness 85A, 80 x 22 mm.
    • ABEC-9 Carbon bearings.
    • Clasp type: laces and two buckles, including one with micro-adjustment.

Additionally included:

- additional set of sliders + screws and washers

- brake

- Allen key

SMJ Sport
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