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Šlaunų juosta su raišteliais BNS 007L

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Body Sculpture

Thigh band with a welt BNS 007L

Flexible specially contoured soft thigh band. The band made of a breathable material mix with a quadruple seam helps maintain natural body heat and improves blood circulation, which results in a reduction in pain, swelling and numbness, and also allows faster healing of injuries.


  • provides protection and adequate heating
  • used during training, stiffens joints and muscles, preventing further overload and reducing the risk of injury.
  • used in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries
  • protects and protects against overloads
  • special shape allows for precise fit of the band
  • composition: 30% nylon, 27% spandex, 43% rubber


  • reduces swelling
  • speeds up the treatment of injuries
  • protects against injuries
  • consultation with a physician or physiotherapist is recommended before using the stabilizer.

Body Sculpture
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