Perforavimo rutulys Masters Plawil Standard 044848-1P, Kovos menai, Spоrto prekės, Masters

Perforavimo rutulys Masters Plawil Standard 044848-1P

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Boxing pear Masters Plawil STANDARD 48 x 48 cm filled with 044848-1P


  • Boxing pear made of durable plawil.
  • Thanks to its shape and compact size, it is perfect for boxing training, especially for hook and uppercut training.
  • From the bottom, the pear has a sewn-in metal triangle that allows it to be attached to the ground or an anchor.
  • Strong zipper closure.
  • It is suspended by means of 3 chains connected with carabiners with triangular handles sewn to the pear. The stitching is additionally secured with nylon tapes sewn perpendicularly to the handles. The chains are connected by an eyelet to which a swivel is attached. Possibility of replacing the chains thanks to the use of carabiners.
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