Buteliukas Isostar 650 ml sidabrinis, Įvairūs aksesuarai, Pagrindinis, Isostar

Buteliukas Isostar 650 ml sidabrinis

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Bottle Isostar 650 ml silver

Every active person knows the importance of hydration during training or any physical exertion. Proper water management of the body is of fundamental importance not only for the quality of our training, but also for our health on a daily basis.

The classic Isostar water bottle with a capacity of 650 ml will be useful not only during training or at the gym. You can easily take it with you on a trip or on a trip. The spout in the water bottle is not covered, it is on the top, it is a sporty stopper that snaps into place. It facilitates the use of the water bottle and allows you to easily use it.


  • classic pattern
  • capacity 650 ml
  • The drinking spout is on top, not sheathed, it is a sports stopper that snaps into place
  • wide opening for easier filling
  • profiled shape to hold it more comfortably in your hand
  • The 500 ml capacity marked with a horizontal line is an important hint for people who dissolve various nutrients or supplements in water


  • Plastic


  • silver / gray
  • black cap
  • black logo
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