Švilpukas Fox 40 Classic Sauga 9903-1308303-1300, Įvairūs aksesuarai, Pagrindinis,

Švilpukas Fox 40 Classic Sauga 9903-1308303-1300

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Whistle Fox 40 Classic Safety 9903-1308303-1300


Fox 40 Official Classic is the world's No. 1 professional referee whistle . It is used by 90% of judges in the world. It is also a great work tool for all coaches. Also very useful for teachers.

Perfect for judges and coaches of all levels. It will be reliable in any situation where it must be heard above the ambient noise, the roar of engines and winds.


  • Sound intensity: 115 dB.
  • Two compartments facing away from each other.
  • No moving parts.
  • The string is color-matched to the color of the whistle.
  • Whistle color: neon yellow.

Fox 40 is the official whistle of NBA , NHL , NBL , NCAA , FIBA , FIVB and other federations. The Fox 40 is a whistle without a ball with channels inside which make the sound very loud. It is also used by uniformed services. Very useful for sailing, windsurfing, in the mountains and other places where a loud signal is needed. In the US and Canada, people use it as a SAFETY WHISTLE .

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