Tempish Skillet T 102001093 šalmas, Įvairios prekės, Pagrindinis, Tempish

Tempish Skillet T 102001093 šalmas

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Tempish Skillet T 102001093 helmet

TEMPISH Skillet T helmet A helmet designed primarily for roller skating, skateboards, longboards and scooters, also suitable for cycling, etc. It is the most classic shape of a freestyle helmet, popular especially among all freestyle athletes - e.g. skating, skateboarding, scooters , downhill. This helmet comes in two sizes S / M and L / XL. Each helmet comes with two sets of inserts. One is thinner and the other is thicker. Therefore, each user can adjust the padding so that the helmet fits optimally and reliably protects the head. So it is very easy to change a helmet marked S / M into a helmet in size S or M, or something in between - depending on the shape of the user's head.

The TEMPISH SKILLET T helmet is very resistant to heavy impacts thanks to the EPS insert. The outer shell is very strong and protects the head extremely reliably. The helmet is well ventilated thanks to the openings in the outer shell, the inner EPS cushioning layer and the lining. The helmet is equipped with a strap with an adjustable length and a buckle fastened under the chin, and a drawstring with a circle that regulates the circumference. At the back of the helmet, the shell is raised for better protection of the cervical spine in the event of falls and collisions.

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Application Riding on roller skates, scooters, bicycles, etc. Design A durable coating ensuring resistance to impacts. Foam lining (EPS) for shock absorption Ventilation Ventilation holes Fit Adjustable fit system, knob, buckle, straps.

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