Allright Neoprene Velcro

Allright Neoprene Velcro


Allright Neoprene Velcro

The ALLRIGHT band made of neoprene has two elastic straps with Velcro that allow the welt to be perfectly fitted to the leg.
Oval sponge around the knee provides comfort while wearing and prevents chafing, does not restrict movement while maintaining full amplitude of knee movements.
Thanks to the latest technology, the knee stabilizer allows you to maintain an optimal body temperature, which warms the joint-muscular and ligament systems.
Precise fit of the stabilizer to the leg reduces pressure on the knee joint and pain associated with swelling. This band is perfect for treating injuries, swelling and dislocations.
It is reliable in post-traumatic pain syndromes or rheumatic disorders.

The size depends on the knee circumference.
Measure around the center of the knee in an upright position.

Dimensions (manufacturer)

  • S: 33.5 cm
  • M 36.0 cm
  • L: 38.5 cm
  • XL: 40.5 cm
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