Magnetinis elipsinis treniruoklis su HMS Premium H1742 generatoriumi

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Magnetic elliptical cross trainer with HMS Premium H1742 generator

H1742 HMS PREMIUM - magnetic elliptical cross trainer with generator. The HMS PREMIUM elliptical trainer is equipped with speakers and a fan. It also has its own energy generator, which allows you to use the equipment without connecting it to an external energy source - we drive it with the power of our own muscles.

The H1742 elliptical cross trainer HMS PREMIUM has an internal magnetic braking system. In practice, this means that magnets are responsible for braking the flywheel. With the help of a built-in computer, we can regulate the load - the engine moves or moves the magnet arm away from the flywheel, thereby reducing or increasing the load on the device.

There is also a large computer at the user's disposal, with which he can independently set all parameters such as training time, goal or load. The device has 12 built-in training programs and a manual mode. Another function of the H1742 HMS PREMIUM elliptical cross trainer is also to measure body fat - Body Fat and check the body's efficiency - Recovery.

The computer in the H1742 HMS PREMNIUM model has the ability to adjust height and position, which largely translates into comfort of use. In addition, it is possible to adjust the incline of the step - up to 5 levels, so that the user can adjust the degree of difficulty of your training.

The elliptical cross trainer has also been equipped with touch sensors, a mini jack and USB socket and a bottle holder.

The H1742 elliptical cross trainer HMS PREMIUM is a Semi Comercial class device.


  • product dimensions: length: 172 cm, width: 65 cm, height: 175 cm
  • resistance: magnetic
  • 32 degrees of resistance adjustment
  • resistance adjustment: automatic
  • braking system: internal magnetic
  • flywheel: 9 kg
  • step height adjustment: 5 levels
  • non-slip and wide feet - width 15 cm
  • miniJack socket
  • USB port
  • water bottle holder
  • application programs: 16
  • pulse measurement: touch sensors
  • transport rollers
  • mains supply: 230V
  • weight: 84 kg
  • maximum user weight: 180 kg
  • computer functions: display: time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, power, revolutions per minute
  • workout selection: manual
  • setting: time, distance, calories, pulse
  • load level adjustment
  • beginner: 4 levels, setting: load level
  • advanced: 4 levels, setting: load level, time
  • sports: 4 levels, setting: load level
  • cardio
  • proposed HR values 55%, 75%, 90%
  • TAG - individual adjustment of heartbeat value (default 100)
  • setting: time
  • Watt: setting of the target Watt value (default 120), setting: time
  • rryb Body Fat - measurement of body fat, BMI
  • Recovery mode - measuring the efficiency of the body
  • Notes: 24 months warranty for home use, 12 months warranty for Semi Comercial use
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