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Sports such as roller skating, skateboarding or scooters carry the risk of falling and injury, so always remember to put on a set of protectors: knees, elbows and wrists as well as a helmet.

A set of JUNIOR protectors provides protection for these body parts without restricting movement. The knee and elbow pads are attached with elastic Velcro straps, and the wrist pads are fastened with two non-stretchable Velcro straps. Protectors do not move while riding and fit perfectly to the figure. The whole is packed in a practical mesh bag.


Material: polyester 58%, polypropylene 27%, Nylon 5%, other 10%
Packaging: mesh bag
A six-piece set of protectors includes:

1 pair of knee pads
1 pair of elbow pads
1 pair of wrist protectors

Available sizes:

S (intended for children aged 3-6 years)
M (intended for children aged 6-9 years)
L (intended for children aged 9-12)

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