HMS SG01 srieginis 7 kg hantelis, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis, HMS

HMS SG01 srieginis 7 kg hantelis

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HMS SG01 threaded dumbbell 7 kg

SG01 HMS - a dumbbell with a thread, i.e. a classic, and also a must-have for every home gym.

The set includes: straight neck, 2 1 kg plates, 2 1.25 kg plates and 2 star clamps. The first element was made of nickel-plated steel. In turn, the plates are cast iron.

The neck has a grooved grip, thanks to which I do not slip during exercises. Threaded weights in combination with clamps guarantee even weight pressure. The product is suitable for both advanced and novice users.

Start taking care of your physical condition today, with a 7 kg professional barbell. It is a perfect proposition both for home and gym.


1 x straight bar 2.5 kg
2 x 1kg plate
2 x plate 1.25 kg
disc diameter: 31.5 mm
Handle circumference: 30 mm
Set weight: 7 kg

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