Štangos / fiksuoto kaklo gumbuotas GSL-40 40 KG HMS, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis,

Štangos / fiksuoto kaklo gumbuotas GSL-40 40 KG HMS

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GSL HMS - barbell / fixed bar, with a rubberised weight of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 kilograms.

The GSL fixed bar / bar will satisfy the most demanding users. The neck is made of high quality hardened chrome steel. It has a knurled grip part that allows a firm grip. The loads are covered with a high-quality rubber coating.

Barbell / broken neck (with bent neck) is ideal for for biceps or triceps exercises. This type of barbell does not overload the wrists, which is particularly important for beginners and those who suffer or are exposed to wrist injuries.


Material: hardened chrome steel
Gripping finish: knurled
Corrosion protection: chrome

total length: 110 cm
neck diameter: 28 mm
plate thickness: 10.3 cm
plate diameter: 20 cm
weight: 40 kg


Not intended for commercial use
24 months warranty

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