Atlas su stendu HMS Titan 12 150 LBS, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis, HMS

Atlas su stendu HMS Titan 12 150 LBS

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Atlas with bench HMS Titan 12 150 LBS

Atlas with HMS bench - is a modern atlas for strength training. This universal device will satisfy even the most demanding users.

The atlas combines the properties of: oblique bench, prayer book, butterfly, lower and upper lift, leg muscle exercise station, intensive abdominal muscle training station and push-up station. Such a wide range of functions makes it an ideal device for people planning systematic development of body muscles.

Titanium 12 has a comfortable seat. Comfort is provided by a durable sponge and modern upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern and increased durability. Specially profiled construction stabilizes the user's position.

Titanium 12 allows you to safely exercise different muscle groups - just like in a professional gym. High quality guarantees trouble-free operation for a long time. Starting from a frame made of durable, powder-coated steel, to the system of pulleys and tension cables. The device meets the highest technical standards.

The equipment allows you to shape all muscle groups: the widest back, thoracic, trapezoidal, postural, buttocks, forearms, shoulder, triceps, also allows you to exercise your legs.


A device for comprehensive exercise of the upper and lower muscle groups:

spine (widest spine, quadrilateral)
stomach (straight, oblique, transverse)
shoulder (actons)
arms (biceps, triceps)
Legs (biceps, quadriceps)



width: 225 cm
height: 212 cm
length: 160 cm

Exercise equipment:

upper lift
bottom lift
leg muscle exercise station
dips training station (intensive abdominal training)
push-up handles
prayer book (scotta bench)
oblique bench

Stack: 68 kg
1.5 kg dumbbells (2 pieces)
Product weight: 142.5 kg
Number of cartons: 4 pcs.
Maximum user weight: 100 kg

24 months warranty

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