Aliuminio šokinėjimo lynas HMS SK52 17-36-205, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis, HMS

Aliuminio šokinėjimo lynas HMS SK52 17-36-205

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Aluminum skipping rope HMS SK52


  • SK52 HMS - is an aluminum skipping rope. Its innovative design ensures unprecedented speed and precision of movements during exercise.
  • The device was made of the best quality materials.
  • Thanks to the aluminum handles equipped with bearings, the product will work even in the case of very demanding training.
  • SK52 HMS skipping rope holders are equipped with rotating heads to prevent the cable from twisting during exercises.
  • The product is equipped with a 300 cm long cord.
  • SK52 HMS works very well in various forms of training. An example of such an application can be CrossFit, which allows you to fully use its speed.
  • Handle length: 15 cm
  • Metal cord
  • Cable length: 300 cm
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Aluminum handles
  • Handles for good grip
  • Bearings in the handles
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