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Odinė šokdynė HMS SK17

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Leather skipping rope HMS SK17

SK17 HMS is a skipping rope that combines the advantages of modern design with the strength of a leather rope. The device has bearings that improve training parameters. The 270 cm long rope is made of high quality leather, ensuring long and trouble-free use. Comfortable, ergonomic handles covered with foam, perfectly fit in the hands, guaranteeing a firm grip during the entire training session. The set comes with two weights. Exercises using the SK17 skipping rope will quickly improve physical condition and coordination. They will help you burn the maximum amount of calories and thus slim your figure.


  • Handle length: 14 cm
  • Cord length: 270 cm
  • Plastic, foam-covered handles
  • Leather cord
  • Bearings in the handles
  • Additional load: 2 x 125 g
  • Notes: Warranty 24 months, Not intended for commercial use
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