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TX30 HMS - is a set of rubbers and accessories for exercise. Each of them has increased durability, thanks to which they are resistant to cracks and retain their resistance properties even after many months of intense training.

The rubbers use the weight of the user's body to improve his fitness and strength. High quality, well-thought-out design and durability guarantee successful training in all conditions. The set includes 5 resistance rubbers, two hand grips, two ankle holders and one door handle.

TX30 HMS is a way to modern training in the spirit of CrossFit. The rubbers allow you to strengthen the strength of the muscles of the whole body, improve their endurance, mobility and flexibility. Five resistance levels allow you to choose the exercises according to your preferences. A small space is enough to use them to perform any chosen set of exercises.


Rubbers 5 pcs:

resistance rubber 1115 mm - load: 11 kg - black
resistance rubber 1130 mm - load: 10.7 kg - blue
resistance rubber 1120 mm - load: 10.6 kg - green
resistance rubber 1145 mm - load: 9.7 kg - red
resistance rubber 1110 mm - load: 8.6 kg - yellow color


2 x hand grips
2 x ankle holder
1 x door handle

Warranty 24 months

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