RXT pratimų juostų rinkinys geltonos spalvos, Treniruokliai, treniruočių įranga, Pagrindinis, Inny

RXT pratimų juostų rinkinys geltonos spalvos

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RXT exercise tape set yellow

The RX-T is a set of straps that will allow you to do countless exercises using only your own body weight and gravity.

The set includes training tapes finished with handles and a metal snap hook, door handle and net. The handles are covered with foam, thanks to which the hands do not slip during exercise.

RX-T have smooth length adjustment - they can be quickly adapted to the exercise.

When exercising with the RX-T, you only fight the force of gravity and use your own body weight. This means even muscle development and less stress on the joints and spine. As a result, strength, balance, flexibility of joints, as well as endurance and general condition are developed. Also gain: correct posture and silhouette stabilization - all thanks to the fact that the simultaneous work of many muscle groups, including deep muscles, which are responsible for correct posture and body stability, takes place using RX-T straps.

Training with RX-T tapes is dedicated to everyone, regardless of their level of training. The degree of difficulty of exercise can be easily controlled by changing the tilt account of the body relative to the ground. The product is an ideal way for modern training in the spirit of cross-fit.

The RX-T model is made of extremely durable materials, thanks to which its users can be sure of their safety and comfort. The whole set weighs less than a kilogram and fits in a small bag included in the set. The friendly assembly system allows you to enjoy the freedom of choosing the training place, which gives you a sense of freedom and increases motivation to exercise.


Belt adjustment: 200 - 290 cm
Arm length: 100 - 145 cm
Handle width: 13 cm
The kit includes:

Tape with a metal carabiner
Tapes with foam-covered handles
Door handle
Maximum load: 250 kg

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