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Guminis fitneso kūno trimeris BB 2022

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Body Sculpture

Rubber Fitness Body Trimmer BB 2022

An irreplaceable device during stretching exercises for the arms, chest, abdomen, back and pelvis. Adjusting the length of elastic rubber ensures better adjustment of the difficulty level, thus making training more effective and comfortable.

Product description:

  • irreplaceable device during stretching exercises of the arms, chest, abdomen, back and pelvis muscles
  • adjustable elastic rubber length ensures better adjustment of difficulty level, thus makes training more effective and comfortable
  • adjustable rubber length from 124 to 220 cm
  • handle length: 11.5 cm
  • the device is made of high quality materials
  • comfortable handles made of foam
  • handle color: black and gray
  • patented technology


This simple device consists of durable latex rubber and two strong grips. The use of rubber is very wide. It replaces work on machines very well, it is perfect for stretching exercises as well as for pilates exercises. In addition, using rubber will give your muscles extra work, making your exercises more effective. The main task of rubber is to create resistance, which must be overcome, which is why exercise programs using fitness rubber are very good at training to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, arms, back and pelvis. Exercises with rubber make the body more elastic, they also help you lose weight. An additional advantage is the handles placed at the ends, which help in stable positioning of the arm or leg during exercise.

Body Sculpture
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