Atlas su multigym suoliuku PRO BMG 4700, krūva 66 kg

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Atlas BMG 4700 BODY SCULPTURE is a professional multifunctional device for intensive exercise at home. Atlas allows you to safely exercise on different muscle groups, just like in a professional gym. It is an ideal solution for both women and men who want to improve the overall condition and appearance of the figure, increase and strengthen muscle mass.

Atlas allows you to shape all muscle groups: the widest back, chest, deltoid, trapezoidal, postural, buttocks, forearms, shoulder, triceps, also allows you to exercise the legs in sitting and standing positions. You can do over 40 types of exercises on the atlas!


Solid and stable construction made of steel profiles
Ergonomic, modern shape of the profiles
Foam finish handles
High quality upholstery for the user's comfort
High back bench (new black and red design)
Upper lift for hanging exercises and push-up handles
In the side part a profiled inclined bench with the possibility of hanging dumbbells is mounted
Prayer book for training two-headed arms and a foot station
Double arm lever with lock for butterfly station
Plastic coated weights - silent stack operation
Chrome upper and lower hoist bars
Black construction - hot painted
Gear ratio 2: 1 for the butterfly station - the exerciser lifts a weight 2 x greater than the weight of the load
Modern pile guard

Technical data:


Width: 240 cm - dimension from the edge of the bench to the handles for exercising push ups
Length: 154 cm - dimension from the prayer book to the furthest rear edge of the atlas
Height: 210 cm

Weight: 149 kg
Package weight: 155 kg (please note the increased shipping costs)
Stack weight: 66 kg adjustable
Maximum user weight: 100 kg


The equipment is covered by a 24 MONTH guarantee
The Atlas complies with the European safety standard EN957
The device is intended for home use
Atlas is packed in 5 cartons:

1/5 - 18x25x206 cm weight 28 kg
2/5 - 15x42x127 cm, weight 24 kg
3/5 - 22x46x124 cm, weight 34 kg
4/5 - 20x32x38 cm weight 28.5 kg
5/5 - 20x33x38 cm weight 28.5 kg

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