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HMS Treniruočių suoliukas L8355

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HMS Exercise bench L8355

L8355 HMS is an inclined bench with weights and cables, designed for home use. The device is intended for exercising abdominal, hip and back muscles. The bench provides excellent stability during exercise. Comfort is guaranteed by a durable sponge and a modern upholstery fabric with a carbon pattern and increased durability. Specially profiled construction stabilizes the user's position. The L8355 HMS offers height and angle adjustment. The product has a compact design and small size. Therefore, it is perfect when used in a small space. Intuitive folding and unfolding mechanism - allows you to quickly hide the bench in a convenient place until the next training. The device provides a wide range of opportunities to work on the lower and upper parts of the body, and thus diversify the training. The bench was equipped with two weights weighing 1.5 kg, which were covered with vinyl. Upper body exercises are also supported by special rubber links.


  • exercises for the muscles: abdomen, back, hips


  • bench dimensions: length: 135 cm, width: 58 cm, height: 65 cm
  • backrest dimensions: length: 90 cm, width: 30 cm
  • rubber lines for exercising the muscles of the arms
  • non-slip handles
  • 2x1,5kg cement coated vinyl weights
  • the possibility of folding
  • height adjustment
  • weight: 12 kg
  • max. product load: 100 kg


  • 24 months warranty
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