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Dviračio šalmas Meteor Shimmer 24761

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  • The SHIMMER model comes from the latest METEOR helmet collection. Provides excellent head protection, does not cause discomfort even during longer trips. It has an original and stylish design that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. It will work perfectly during various forms of cycling activities, it will appeal to all lovers of road cycling.

  • Light construction and aerodynamic shape will satisfy every user. The shell made of highly stretchable EPS polystyrene absorbs the stresses generated during a fall. The high protective effect of this model results from the structure of the material from which it was made - it contains countless microscopic air pores. An additional advantage of this solution is that it is not soaked with water and sweat.

  • The use of a soft, pleasant to the touch and detachable lining guarantees very comfortable use of the helmet during long trips.

  • Simple and quick size adjustment is possible by using the FIT SIZE system, i.e. a multi-stage ring for smooth adjustment of the circumference. Using one hand, you can adjust it to the head in a few seconds using a small knob on the back of the helmet.

  • The helmet is equipped with holes ensuring constant air circulation around the head and heat dissipation - the AIR FLOW system. Adequate ventilation protects the scalp from excessive sweating.

  • Thanks to the reflective elements on the back of the helmet, you are more visible when driving in the dark, which additionally affects your safety.

  • The model is equipped with a detachable visor, protecting against wind or the harmful effects of sunlight.


    • Outer shell material: PVC
    • Absorbing material inside: EPS
    • Certi fi cate - the product complies with the requirements of the European standard EN1078.
    • Helmet dimensions:

AIR FLOW system - the ventilation system guides the air flow through the holes in the helmet shell without affecting its stability;


    • Fly Net system - a net placed in the front ventilation holes protects the head against insect bites while driving in warm and humid conditions;
    • Antibacterial interior - Antibacterial interior - soft, delicate to the touch lining that prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces unpleasant odors caused by sweat, does not get caught on the hair;
    • QUICK-RELEASE system - quick fastening buckles;
    • FIT SIZE system - headlock multi-stage ring for smooth circumference adjustment;
    • Removable padding pieces - Sweat absorbent pads are easier to keep clean when they can be washed and dried efficiently.
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