Atemi 700 S214574 stalo teniso lazda, Rakečių sportas, Spоrto prekės,

Atemi 700 S214574 stalo teniso lazda

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Atemi 700 S214574 table tennis bat

The table tennis racket has been equipped with a unique MCS system, which was designed to improve the technique of the game. The handle has a light micropore sponge that improves grip on the hand, so you will forget about discomfort immediately. The table tennis racket should accompany you during decisive games and training.

The Atemi 700 table tennis racket is the perfect equipment to improve your playing skills and for everyday training. Made of the highest quality materials. For advanced players.

Technical data:

Racket material: plywood, rubber, sponge

Facing: 1.8 mm

Layers: 5

Speed: 7/10

Rotation: 8/10

Control: 8/10

· Type of handle: concave

Certificate: ITTF


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