Hockey pačiūžos Bauer Vapor 3X Sr 1060219, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, Bauer

Hockey pačiūžos Bauer Vapor 3X Sr 1060219

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Hockey skates Bauer Vapor 3X SR


  • The Bauer Vapor 3X skates are designed for competitive hockey players looking for an in-game advantage.
  • Bauer used his 3D-Lasted Flex Composite shoe, which offers just the right amount of strength and agility that is hard to beat at this price.
  • Speaking of the shoe, it's worth noting that the Vapor 3X skates now come with the standard Fit 2 size option as opposed to the traditionally shallow and slim fit of the Vapor from the past.
  • On the inside, the rollers provide anatomical fit and feel, adapting to almost all shapes of the feet.
  • The soft memory foam ankle lining will also respond incredibly well to the heat molding process, as will the Flex Composite boot!
  • The aluminum HiLo chassis conceals the exciting new Labeda Gripper Crossover wheels.
  • They are specially designed for this skate and provide players with high-performance, durable wheels that can be used on almost any surface except rough asphalt.
  • Boot: 3D Lasted Flex Composite The skates use the same quadrant pack as the Mission Inhaler skates
  • WM02: injected technical mesh with quarter ventilation and abrasion protection. The shoe model provides good support and ventilation while skating. It also uses a transparent TPU outsole for better balance and stability. A more stable and supportive design makes it easier to transfer energy through the rollers.
  • Frame: HI-LO CNC Aluminum CNC HI-LO frame, with configuration used exclusively on Bauer / Mission rolls. As the name suggests, this undercarriage has two 80mm wheels at the rear and 76mm wheels at the front. The configuration improves the forward lean which helps to tighten the stride.
  • Lining, liner: MIcrofibra The shoe is lined with an antibacterial lining that wicks moisture away and neutralizes bacteria and odors. The two-piece felt insole adds support while riding, while the ankle padding increases comfort.
  • Outsole: TPU The translucent TPU outsole is lightweight and highly wear-resistant. Bauer has used an asymmetric toe cap from the latest high-end skates to improve the fit and create a more anatomical look. The toecap also has new shapes for air vents to ensure your feet breathe as you play.
  • - Tongue: 48 OZ Filz Tougue Form Fit 2 is built to fit comfortably around your foot. It is soft and protects well.
  • Wheels: Labeda Gripper Crossover The Vapor 3X skates use Labeda Gripper Crossover wheels, which are soft wheels designed for smooth surfaces and indoor use.
  • ABEC 9 bearings The best bearing for those looking for a sensational power ratio. The reduced number of balls inside the bearing (made of the highest quality chrome steel) means less friction inside the bearing. A special synthetic grease is used, which guarantees even less friction.


Purpose of Hockey In-Line

HI-LO CNC skid

Wheel size 2 x 76 mm; 2 x 80 mm. Wheel hardness 80A

Bearings 608 standart, ABEC 9

Lacing system Shoelaces Type | 3D Lasted Flex shoe shell.

Liner (inner sock) Antibacterial insole. Microfiber

Brake None Top fastener None 45-degree fastener None

6mm axles

Weight Limit - Bauer Performance Fit System An inline skater can select their inline skates based on their riding style, not just foot type. Previously, if the contestant wanted a Supreme but the scanner was pointing to Vapor, you were told to select Vapor for an optimal fit. Today you can choose both skates that are optimally suited and those that best suit your playing style. By examining thousands of foot scans, Bauer was able to create a skate designed for both performance and fit.

New additional skate adjustments Bauer's revolutionary Performance Fit System gives players the ability to get just about anything: the skates they want, the performance they want, and even the fit they need. FIT 1 - low ankle and narrow foot. FIT 2 - this is a high ankle and a normal foot. (chosen most often). FIT 3 - it's a high ankle and a wide foot.

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