Spokey "Mizzaro" 941435 elektrinis motoroleris, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas,

Spokey "Mizzaro" 941435 elektrinis motoroleris

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The Spokey Mizzaro electric scooter black and blue 941435 The Spokey electric scooter is a model designed for children and teenagers. It meets all the requirements and standards for quality and safety. Riding on a two-wheeler, you can reach your destination 8-9 kilometers away on a full charge. The speed accelerator lever offers smooth acceleration up to 12 km / h. Rear drum brake. Big, full circles. The whole is finished with front and rear lighting. Bell. The footer will facilitate parking in the selected place. Technical data: maximum speed: 12 km / h maximum range: 8-9 km maximum user weight: 60 kg engine power: 120 W battery capacity: 24V 4.5 Ah - 108 Wh wheel size: 6 ' Type of wheels: full weight of the scooter: 11 kg brake: rear drum brake foot: yes bell: yes floors: 100 cm height of the steering wheel from the platform: 90 cm width of the steering wheel: 49 cm lighting in accordance with applicable law: white at the front, red at the back, reflectors on the side · easy folding · speed increased with a lever · range and speed of scooters electrical power are given as maximum values. They depend on real external conditions, such as ambient temperature, user weight, wind speed, slope of the route, battery condition, surface type and driving technique. once a month and only when the scooter is turned off use the original charger included in the set.before take off, before starting the engine, set the scooter in motion by pushing off the ground smoothly increase your speed and on climbs, support the engine with pushing away avoid high temperature differences during use and continuous driving at maximum speed

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