Inline riedlentės Spokey Makan Bk / Gr 929324-926984-926985, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, Spokey

Inline riedlentės Spokey Makan Bk / Gr 929324-926984-926985

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Inline skates Spokey Makan BK / GR black-green 929324-926984-926985


  • Spokey inline skates are chosen by beginners and advanced people.
  • Adjusting the size helps you achieve a precise fit.
  • Use a special button and, holding the front of the shoe, move it apart by the appropriate distance until you hear a click.
  • A shoe made of durable materials.
  • Perforation holes.
  • Ergonomic frame with 3-point closure.
  • Contoured liner prevents heel movements while riding. A profiled insole with increased breathability and a soft lining.
  • An aluminum alloy roller skid and ABEC-9 Chrome bearings promote lightness and durability.
  • Polyurethane wheels, the so-called rubber.
  • Loop on the back of the shoe.

Technical data:

Type: Adjustable

Wheels: 76 mm, 80 mm, PU, hardness 82A

Bearings: ABEC-9 Carbon

Fastening: laces, buckle, Velcro

· Skid material: aluminum

· Max. user weight: 100 kg

· The model does not include a skate frame

Size: 32-35 (insole length: 19-22 cm, wheel size: 76 mm) size: 36-39 (insole length: 22-25 cm, wheel size: 76 mm) size: 40-43 (length inserts: 24-27 cm, wheel size: 80 mm)

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