Inline riedlentės Spokey Khan Bk / Wh Jr 927032-927033, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, Spokey

Inline riedlentės Spokey Khan Bk / Wh Jr 927032-927033

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Inline skates Spokey Khan BK / WH black-gray-white 927032-927033


  • Spokey inline skates will prove themselves both during dynamic and recreational skating.
  • Adjusting the size helps you achieve a precise fit.
  • Use the button under the heel and, holding the front of the shoe, move it apart by the appropriate distance until you hear a click.
  • A shoe made of durable materials.
  • Ergonomic frame with 3-point closure.
  • Anatomical insole.
  • Aluminum alloy roller frame.
  • The model uses two sets of wheels that can be arranged in a 2x4 or 2x3 configuration.
  • Smaller wheels are lighter, more agile and easier to balance with your body, while larger wheels have a much longer push when pushed, so they allow you to ride faster.
  • Due to the possibility of replacing the wheels, the skids do not have a brake and the possibility of its installation.

Technical data:

Type: Adjustable

Wheels: PU, hardness 82A

Bearings: ABEC-7 Carbon

Fastening: laces, buckle, Velcro

· Skid material: aluminum

· Max. user weight: 60 kg

· The model does not include a skate frame

Size: 31-34 (insert length: 20-22 cm, wheel size 8x76 mm, 6x100 mm)

Size: 35-38 (insert length: 20-24 cm, wheel size 8x84 mm, 6x100 mm)

Size: 39-42 (insert length: 24-26 cm, wheel size 8x90 mm, 6x100 mm)

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