Tempish Wox Uni 1000070 ritinėliai, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, Tempish

Tempish Wox Uni 1000070 ritinėliai

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  • TEMPISH Wox UNI Skates Classic fitness skates intended for both beginners and advanced skaters.
  • The medium-high construction ensures that the skaters are firmly anchored in the skeleton and have a firm control over the roller.
  • The double insole design with the removable complete liner is very comfortable and allows for quick drying after the ride and cleaning as needed. (The liner can be rinsed in clean lukewarm water.)
  • The padding around the Achilles tendon is softer for a more comfortable ride.
  • Fastening the rollers with classic laces and Velcro on the padding for a stable fixation of the foot in the skeleton.
  • The upper part of the skeleton is fastened with a strap with a micro buckle.
  • Men's skates designed for recreational fitness and conditioning skating.
  • CATCH series wheels show standard wear and tear depending on the surface quality, driving style and weight of the user.


  • Purpose Fitness, beginners, advanced and experienced skaters.
  • Skid Light alloy AL, 2 pieces, special fixation with two Phillips screws under the heel and a center screw under the front section.
  • Attachment system: perfect undercarriage with position control
  • Wheel size 84mm. Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC 7
  • Lacing system Shoelaces Type |
  • PE / NYLON boot shell, 2 parts, soft
  • Liner (inner sock) Stiffened NYLON / NYLEX, anatomical, reinforced with PVC elements, luxurious lining
  • Brake Included
  • Top clasp Buckle 45 degree Velcro closure
  • 6 / 27mm axles
  • Weight limit 100 kg
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