Laisvojo stiliaus pačiūžos SEBA High Light 80 &3922 M 22SSK-SHL80-BK, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, SEBA

Laisvojo stiliaus pačiūžos SEBA High Light 80 &3922 M 22SSK-SHL80-BK

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Seba High Light 80 '22 freestyle skates


  • Seba High Light V2 2022 skates.
  • The Seba "High" series is the precursor of slalom skates.
  • Starting with the most popular Seba High model, the series has been extended with Seba High Light models.
  • The High Light model has an integrated inner shoe with a "shell", which makes the skates lighter and more "feel" of the skate while skating and learning more difficult tricks.
  • Additionally, less push force goes "into the air".

  • Boot: High Performance Composite Cuff: Composite, 4 adjustments. You can raise the upper for even better foot support, you can also adjust the inclination to the sides for people who have posture defects (pronation, supination). Replaceable covers of the outer part of the roller spouts.
  • Fasteners: FK upper buckle + Spider micrometric fastener + Velcro on the midfoot + Laces
  • Skid: Deluxe V.2 Series 7000 milled aluminum rail Optional brake can be installed.
  • Lining, liner : Integrated Drylex The lining integrated with the shoe, which is already standard on slalom skates, translates into better fit and control of the skates. It is anatomically shaped to immobilize the heel while riding and ensure the most precise transmission of movements. Inside the shoe there is an insert that supports the arch of the foot, equipped with a shock absorber under the heel, which is useful for people who practice urban riding (helps to dampen vibrations) and perform jumps.
  • Outsole: Composite. Reinforced with metal plates (7 holes) at the rail mounting points
  • Wheels: Seba Street Invader Provides more ground contact for better traction and optimal control.
  • Bearings : Twincam ILQ9 Pro Supplied with chrome steel bushings and balls. They are pre-lubricated with synthetic grease


  • Purpose Freeskate / Powerblading, Freestyle Slalom
  • Deluxe V.2 frame, Aluminum 7000.
  • Length 231mm for size 35-39, 243mm for size 40-48
  • Wheel size 76mm for size 35-39, 80mm for size. 40-48 Wheel hardness 84A
  • Bearings 608, Twincam ILQ9 Pro
  • Lacing system Shoelaces Type |
  • Hardboot, High Light boot shell
  • Liner (inner sock) Integrated. Drylex
  • Brake None
  • Top clasp Buckle 45 degree clasp Buckle, Velcro 8mm axles
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