Inline riedlentės SMJ sport PW-150N M HS-TNK-000011438, Poilsio reikmenys, Turizmas, SMJ Sport

Inline riedlentės SMJ sport PW-150N M HS-TNK-000011438

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SMJ Sport


  • Recreational skates by SMJ sport model PW-150N.
  • A strong structure made of the highest quality materials ensures adequate comfort and safety of driving.
  • Airy mesh in the shoe provides adequate air circulation and air circulation, which increases the comfort of use.
  • The three-stage fastening system makes the skates hold even better on the leg, ensuring proper feeling and safety of use.
  • PU wheels (the highest possible admixture of rubber) and ABEC-5 bearings make the roller stick to the ground very well.
  • The PW-150N model is a skate for beginners who would like to start skating, but also for more advanced people who are looking for a very good solution at an attractive price.
SMJ Sport
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