Salewa Dropline Leather W 61394-7953 batai, Lauko apranga, Sporto apranga ir avalynė, Salewa

Salewa Dropline Leather W 61394-7953 batai

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Salewa Dropline Leather W 61394-7953 shoes


  • Women's comfortable, durable leather shoe created on the basis of technologies used in speed hiking models. Excellent shock absorption and stability for everyday use and for long hikes in technical mountain terrain
  • Dropline Leather is an extremely comfortable and versatile shoe that will be perfect both for everyday use and for speed hiking sessions in the mountains.
  • The upper is made of high-quality, soft and extremely durable 1.4 mm chamois leather, additionally reinforced with a polyurethane edge that protects the foot against the painful effects of hitting roots or stones. The externally integrated 3F System with nylon-coated Kevlar® cables ensures a precise fit to the foot and stabilizes it on uneven terrain. Flexible mesh cover integrated into the tongue prevents sand and rock particles from getting inside the shoe.
  • Thanks to the advanced EVA midsole, the model offers optimal shock absorption - it guarantees a soft landing during long activities in the mountains. The POMOCA® sole with self-cleaning blocks is perfect for various types of ground, ensuring reliable grip and good traction. The S-Path design supports the natural rolling of the foot as it moves from heel to toe even more smoothly. In addition, the model has a SALEWA® Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF +) insole with interchangeable layers that allow you to modify the volume inside the shoe in relation to the shape of the foot
  • Dropline Leather is an extremely comfortable speed hiking shoe that will provide you with adequate cushioning and stabilization both on a daily basis and during outdoor activities.


  • leather


  • Brown
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