Salewa Alpine Hemp Print W 28115-8620 Marškinėliai, Lauko apranga, Sporto apranga ir avalynė, Salewa

Salewa Alpine Hemp Print W 28115-8620 Marškinėliai

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Salewa Alpine Hemp Print W 28115-8620 T-shirt


  • Alpine Hemp W Print is a comfortable T-shirt with a round neckline designed to ensure effective sweat wicking and thermoregulation during intense exercise.
  • The T-shirt is made of the lightest version of the Alpine Hemp hybrid material developed by SALEWA (30% hemp fibers, 70% organic cotton), thanks to which it offers a pleasant feeling of coolness on warm days and is extremely pleasant to the skin. Ergonomically cut sleeves and shoulder part guarantee maximum freedom of movement while climbing, and the elongated back protects the back against gusts of wind.
  • We became interested in hemp fibers mainly due to their thermoregulatory properties, ecological character, as well as the sense of natural comfort they guarantee to the user. The cultivation of hemp does not require the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or GMO seeds. Unlike cotton, hemp requires a negligible amount of water and itself improves the quality of the soil by replenishing nutrients and preventing erosion.
  • The Alpine Hemp W Print T-shirt is a lightweight, easy-care climbing T-shirt with a shaded pattern and subtle graphics.


  • Cotton


  • blue
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