PRO 510M lauko teniso stalas, Įvairūs aksesuarai, Pagrindinis,

PRO 510M lauko teniso stalas

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The 510M table is an unobstructed outdoor model. Thanks to its streamlined shape full of curves, this table is particularly resistant to bad treatment, such as adverse weather conditions, shocks or acts of vandalism. Its 100% steel structure and high density solid laminate countertop are able to withstand really strong impacts, both from ball reflections and adverse weather. This model has been very successful for almost 10 years and is popular at campsites, in resorts, in schools, hotels and many others.


FIXING SYSTEM Curved legs with a ground mounting system provide excellent stability and adequate security

MESH Steel mesh covered with anti-corrosive coating. Permanently mounted.

RACKET HANDLES Thanks to the practical rackets, they will always be at your fingertips.

BALL FEEDER The practical ball feeder ensures that the ball is always within reach of the player.

CORNER PROTECTION For maximum child safety, the table is equipped with rubber corner protectors.

OPTIONAL GRID It is possible to buy and optionally mount a standard mesh - adjustable in height and voltage.

MADE IN FRANCE. Product designed and manufactured in France.

Thanks to the MATTOP coating, the sun's rays do not reflect off the table and thus do not hinder the game. MATTOP reflects 10 times less rays from the surface than a regular countertop covering, which provides excellent comfort.

All Cornilleau tables comply with the European quality and safety standard for EN-14468-1 tennis tables. Cornilleau's products reach above the above standard to provide their users with the highest guarantee of safety and reliability. The standard distinguishes four classes: A - master tables; B - sports and school tables; C - high quality leisure tables; D - recreational tables.

All OUTDOOR tables (for external use) from Cornilleau are covered by a 10-year warranty. The warranty applies to all table elements, and therefore not only the top, but also frame elements. The warranty covers deformation, delamination, disappearance of markers on tables (lines, etc.).

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