Whistle FOX 40 Pearl + string 9703-0108 red

Whistle FOX 40 Pearl + string 9703-0108 red


Whistle FOX40 Pearl with string red.

The basic version of the whistle creates a sound with lower tones for the safety of persons and environmental protection. Perfect for where no stabbing sound is required, but it will restore harmony and order.
Ideal for teachers and trainers and as accessories for playing with children. However, it also works well as a trainer's whistle, especially in closed rooms.
The model has a softer look than the classic whistle is slightly lighter.


  • Sound pressure: 90 dB.
  • Provides good audibility in outdoor sports facilities.
  • Provides very good audibility in enclosed areas.
  • Two chambers facing each other.
  • No moving parts.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Whistle color: red.
  • A whistle complete with a plaited cord in a color matching the color of the whistle:
  • Breakaway - adjustment system with snap fastening around the neck that allows quick release in case of emergency and clamp adjustment.

FOX40 is the official whistle of NBA , NHL , NBL , NCAA , FIBA , FIVB and other federations. The FOX40 is a whistle without a ball with channels inside, thanks to which the sound is very loud. Uniformed services also use it. Very useful on sails, windsurfing, in the mountains and other places where a loud signal is needed. In the US and Canada, people use it as a WHISTLE safety.

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