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BE8510-i HMS - is an electric treadmill, equipped with an innovative computer with the possibility of connecting a phone or tablet with Android or iOS. This gives the user access to the free DelighTech Fitness APP. The software collects all the necessary training data and provides a unique experience with the help of Google maps.

The application not only collects all the necessary data on training - it also provides a unique experience thanks to Google maps! Hong Kong, New York, Barcelona, or maybe the Cote d'Azur? The choice of location depends only on the user's preferences. Google Street View is responsible for the realism of virtual travels, displaying an image of the selected location from the street level.

The BE8510-i HMS treadmill is an extremely stable device, adapted to intensive training at home. Its construction provides a comfortable space for exercise, and the shock absorber system ensures lightness and elasticity. The device has a mechanism of automatic adjustment of the inclination angle of the running belt and speed.

The product has built-in touch sensors to measure the pulse. Ergonomic control panel allows you to conveniently manage computer settings such as time, speed and distance. It is equipped with quick selection buttons, allowing you to change training parameters without distracting from it.

BE8510-i has an Audio input, USB port and SD card slot, which in combination with built-in speakers allows you to train with the sounds of your favorite music. The device also has: a shelf for a tablet or smartphone, a Bluetooth interface, an audio jack and a USB port. The interactive functions of the device and attractive design will surely satisfy all lovers of recreation and technical innovations.


Product dimensions:

length: 190 cm
width: 86 cm
height: 146 cm

Non-slip running belt

Running belt dimensions:

length: 147 cm
width: 53 cm

Speed range: 1 - 22 km / h

Number of inclination levels of the running belt: 0 - 22
Automatic speed and inclination control of the running belt
Reinforced system for folding the treadmill to the vertical position
System for safely unfolding the treadmill
Security system
Support for the free iRunning + app
System requirements:

Android 4.0 - 1280x752 tablet (at least 10-inch screen)
iOS 5.0 or higher (iPad4, iPad3, iPad2, iPad, iPad Mini)

Shelf for a tablet or smartphone
Quick speed and belt angle adjustment buttons
Built-in speakers: 2 pcs.
Cushioning system: 4 rubber shock absorbers
Pulse measurement:

touch sensors
telemetry belt (not included)

4 transport wheels
3.5mm audio jack - cable included
Possibility to connect an Mp3 player
USB socket - the ability to connect a phone or flash memory
SD card reader
Engine: 3.5 HP
Mains power: 230 V
Product weight: 97 kg
Maximum product load: 180 kg

Computer functions:

support for the free iRunning + app
the angle of the belt
calories burned
2 fat burning measurement modules
heart rate control
user settings
99 programs


Not intended for commercial use
Warranty 24 months

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